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TALES FROM THE ANAESTHESIOLOGIST - Puppets are Everyone and Butter [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Karlos the Jackal

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Karlos the Jackal

The scariest part of The Appendix Adventure was not the surgery.  I was filled to the brim with morphine from diagnosis to operation, so maybe I wasn't really as concerned as I should have been; and then of course I ended up sleeping through the actual procedure.

Speaking of which: I *was* worried about the general anaesthesia, since I always thought most people either never wake up afterward or are awake throughout the surgery, and if you manage to straddle that centerline it's more luck than anything.  Happily, one of the people who came and talked to me before the surgery (in addition to the surgeon, a nurse, and for some reason John Keister) was the aesthesiologist herself, the delightfully named "Doctor Pulse."

Doctor Pulse informed me that neither of the two things -- not waking up after, being awake during surgery -- that were on my mind were very common anymore and are in fact very rare.  She also intimated, with narrowed eyes, that this meeting was her opportunity to decide if one of these two things would in fact occur.

(Neither did.  Luckily, I am quite charming when I get enough morphine in me.)

(BTW, the scariest part -- for me, at least -- was pre-diagnosis when my temperature went up to 104° and, apart from my wildly chattering teeth, my entire body locked up and I thought I just might snap in half.)


[User Picture]From: bookish_girl_
2010-08-20 01:07 am (UTC)
Doctor Pulse still belongs in a comic book.
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